Personal Work

I have always had a soft spot for historic properties & old barns. They have stood the test of time. Standing strong against the elements. I once worked at a private golf club that had a hundred year old barn. Left over from its' farm days. Post & beam construction with wooden nails to hold it together. During my time at the club the insurance company came in and condemned that old barn. Said it was a hazard. It was going to fall down soon. The club constructed a new building to store it's equipment. A boring metal building. To this day that old barn is still standing strong. I hope to get back there to photograph that old barn some day. The images on this page represent two beautiful, and historic properties. The Fells in Newbury, NH and the Livery House in Sunapee, NH.  The Fells has its' wonderful old gardens, beautiful lakefront home and its' place is secured in history. The Livery House in Sunapee has lived a full life serving the harbor area and the town with honor. It has served as a theater, police station, town hall, A place to store old equipment, and a gathering spot for the town's people. Today the building is undergoing a revival as a future music school.